Free Meditation Training

AMBER MOON now offers meditation training classes free of charge. Simply visit us at our shop to book your training session.


Reiki is about having a balanced energy flow that brings about healing. Patients are treated using hands held above the body in a relaxing, comfortable environment. This will allow the Reiki Energy to reach all the way down to the cellular level, to heal, harmonise and balance right down to your DNA level. This will also allow the aligning and balancing of the joints and chakra’s. Where there is an imbalance it is smoothed out and rectified. Amber Moon is proud to offer multi tiered, in-house Reiki courses.

Reiki Level I

History of Reiki and its benefits.

How Reiki affects the spiritual, emotional and mental body.

Holistic diagnosis.

How Reiki can be used to work with the Aura and Chakras.

Attunement and meditation.

Basic hand positions of Reiki Healing.

Practice and experience of energy flows.

Reiki Level II

Attunement and meditation.

Learn to use the 3 Reiki symbols and theory for deeper heling results.

Further hand positions for giving Reiki treatments.

Learn to balance the Chakras.

Protection, grounding, healing and mental healing.

Reiki Level III

Master Healer and Teacher Training. This is powerful training which will transform you into a master healer and change your life forever!

Attenement and meditation.

How to teach Reiki.

Practice Master Healing.

Please contact Michele Philips for further information on 079 326 3651

We also offer the following in house training and development courses:
  • Basic Psycic Development: R1650 for full course.
  • Tea Cup Reading: R1650 for full course.